By Ronnie Quan


We will test out two things:

  • What IAM permission that a consumer needs to create VPC interface endpoint on VPC endpoint services?
  • What we can do for DLP?


Service Producer Account

  • Create target group
  • Create internal network load balancer
  • Create VPC endpoint service (


We will explore security patterns for power BI connecting to snowflake data source. We will cover both AWS Snowflake and Azure Snowflake and focus on network isolation and authentication features.

Microsoft Power BI suite

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a free application you install on your local computer. It lets you connect…

By Ronnie Quan


I will document RedHat DNS server and http proxy configuration, test is done in RedHat 7.

DNS Server Configuration

In general, NetworkManager is managing /etc/resolv.conf.

Depending on the desired outcome, following is possible:

  • Goal: use DNS servers obtained from the DHCP server:

RHEL will by default (so unmodified RHEL deployments)…

By Ronnie Quan


When you have multiple ExpressRoute circuits, you have more than one path to connect to Microsoft network, your traffic may take a longer path to reach to Microsoft, and Microsoft to your network, the longer the network path, the higher the latency.

In this blog post, we…

By Ronnie Quan


In this blog post, we will do a lab in a RedHat Linux environment, including managing inbound and outbound traffic using Linux firewall and learning about firewalld, zones, services, rich rules, rich rule priority and direct rule.

Lab Environment


  • Create one RedHat EC2 instance
  • Use the following user…

By Ronnie Quan


Real Flowers 2018 in San Francisco

Time sync is important for security and event correlation. Sometimes it is used for distributed transactions implementation. Time accuracy between multiple computer systems is achieved through synchronization.

In this blog post, I will

  • Inspect AWS EC2 Redhat 8 VM, to understand how time sync is configured.
  • Inspect…

Cloud Journey

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