Azure Bot Service


I have been working in Azure Bot Service for some time, it’s so easy to create a bot app, configure an app registration. It works almost effortless, since most of the plumbing work is handled by Bot service framework SDK.

System Diagram

Authentication Flow

Bot Authentication Example

This sample uses bot authentication capabilities in Azure Bot Service, providing features to make it easier to develop a bot that authenticates users to various identity providers such as Azure AD (Azure Active Directory)

Teams Auth Example

ngrok http 3978 -host-header="localhost:3978"


Best practice is to always enable Bot Authentication, in case need to access secured resource on behalf of user, always enable user authentication.

Reference Links

Add authentication to a bot via Azure Bot Service — Bot Service | Microsoft Docs

Appendix — ngrok

In case need to debug local code, but work with Bot service and receive message from channel, use ngrok.



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