Azure Monitor Private Link


  • Connect privately to Azure Monitor without opening up any public network access
  • Ensure your monitoring data is only accessed through authorized private networks
  • Prevent data exfiltration from your private networks by defining specific Azure Monitor resources that connect through your private endpoint
  • Keep all traffic inside the Microsoft Azure backbone network

Feature Assessment

  • Connect activity log to a log analytics workspace for injection test
  • Teams SSO bot web app is linked to an application insight
  • Azure Window Sever 2019 Virtual Machine for private link validation from Azure portal
    (To save cost, I provisioned spot instance Standard_A2_V2 SKU VM, which is listed as 1/6 of the regular price, even though the actual charged price is around $0.08/hour, but it still saves a lot)
Server: UnKnown
Non-authoritative answer:





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Cloud Journey

Cloud Journey

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