Confluent Kubernetes Quick Start Deploy

By Ronnie Quan


Are you interested in Confluent Kafka? If you want to get hands dirty, but don’t know where to start, I suggest you follow the free training from Confluent official site.

confluent-kubernetes-examples/quickstart-deploy at master · confluentinc/confluent-kubernetes-examples (

Lab environment is available once you sign up to

Confluent Training (

I singed up to “Automate Deployment with Confluent for Kubernetes” free course.

Launch Lab Environment

Then remote to the virtual machine box.

Confluent Infrastructure

Confluent Operator and Platform

Details steps are all outlined from github, you even don’t need to clone the repo, it was cloned for you already in the lab environment.

I just document the steps and output.

Producer and Validation

Browse control center from http://localhost:9021 and check out the topic and messages.

Clean Up

What’s Next

Static, Host-Based Routing with Ingress

confluent-kubernetes-examples/networking/external-access-static-host-based at master · confluentinc/confluent-kubernetes-examples (