MSAL 2 and Azure AD B2C


  • Use Azure AD B2C as IDP.
  • Develop SPA code with MSAL 2 and allow external user to sing in using authorization code flow with PKCE. That means we wouldn’t need to keep or manage app registration secret and wouldn’t need to enable implicit grant flow.
  • Protect MyStorageApi through Azure AD B2C.
  • Deploy API code to Azure app service using managed identity for Azure resource authentication and authorization.

Configure Azure AD B2C App Registration

You need Azure AD B2C tenant to complete this step, refer to for creating AAD B2C tenant.

Azure AD B2C Configuration

Follow MS document to configure Azure AD B2C, we need two flows, one for sign-in/sign-up, one for editing profile. Self service password reset is included in sign -in/sign-up flow.

Web API Code

MyStorageAPI code is already developed from prior blogs, it can be reused. We just need to configure it to work with Azure AD B2C.

"AzureAdB2C": {
"Instance": "https://<b2c domain>",
"ClientId": "....ea-2e67fc1ce250",
"Domain": "<b2c domain>",
"SignUpSignInPolicyId": "B2C_1_signupsignin1",
"EditProfilePolicyId": "B2C_1_editprofile1",
"Scopes": "read write",
"CallbackPath": "/signin-oidc"
"https_port": 44351,
"Logging": {
"LogLevel": {
"Default": "Information",
"Microsoft": "Warning",
"Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime": "Information"
"AllowedHosts": "*",
"AzureStorage": {
"AcctName": "<storage acct name>",
"ContainerName": "<container name>"

SPA Code

We add auth-config.ts to hold B2C related configurations.

Deploy to Azure


From visual studio, you may create Azure app service plan and app service, and publish web app.

App Service Managed Identity

Make sure the app service has managed identity and has Azure resource RBAC role to work with storage account.

Front End Code

UI code can be hosted in Azure storage as static site. Enable static site for your storage account, build from VSCode terminal and upload files from dist folder to Azure blob $web container.

ng build --configuration=productionPS D:\identity-for-all\msal-angular-my-storage-api-b2c\dist\msal-angular> dir


Click “Login” or “List Azure Blob” to get started on Azure AD B2C user flow. It supports sign in, self service password reset and sign up.


In this series of blogs, we focused on Microsoft identity platform and Azure cloud, started with a very simple .NET console app to authenticate to Azure storage, explored sing in user from SPA and protection of web api through both Azure AD and Azure AD B2C.




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