My First Question in AWS Forum

Written By Ronnie Quan


I have been working in Azure for couple of years and I know multiple channels to work directly with MS, asking questions about document from git hub, asking question about product features from git hub or Yammer, asking questions about future enhancement and participating in private preview.

What about AWS?

I guess it should be similar as Azure.

Question about Document

Azure document is artifact from github repo, you can sign up github and ask questions, officially the questions are scoped to document improvement, but MS triage all questions, and at least provide initial answers, response time is also reasonable.

MS does not require an Azure subscription, you may ask questions even you don’t have one or don’t logon to any subscription.

AWS document page has a feedback button, but it does not provide same level support as Azure.

After click feedback, you will have to select the issue type, your email, and there is a security check. The form clearly indicates document related questions only.

So what about AWS forum?

AWS Forum

The post new question button is not easy to locate on the forum page, and you have to logon to AWS account.

But anyway I have successfully posted my first question in the forum

I will soon learn how active the forum is and whether it’s helpful.

Additional Information

In case you just get started on your brand new AWS account, make sure turn on MFA for both root account and IAM users if any.

By the way I searched AWS forum, the reply from AWS last year indicates that it’s not possible to configure MFA on the root account programmatically.