Route 53 Evaluate Target Health



The idea is to create failover record, primary record points to internal ALB, secondary record points to S3 website endpoint, select evaluate target health for both records.

ALB Target Health

When we hard code the response code from ALB to 200, the primary resource is considered as healthy, so DNS query returns my internal ALB IP address.

>nslookup blog.rquan.<xyz>Non-authoritative answer:
Name: blog.rquan.<xyz>
>nslookup blog.rquan.<xyz>Non-authoritative answer:
Name: blog.rquan.<xyz>

S3 Website Endpoint Target Health

I switch around failover records, S3 as the primary and ALB as secondary. I’m hoping to update S3 so that it becomes unhealthy and returns secondary record IP address.

  • Remove index html file
  • Disable S3 static web site
  • Delete bucket


Now we have better understanding of alias record and evaluate target health, let’s think about “Standby takes over primary” pattern (STOP).


Configuring a static website using a custom domain registered with Route 53 — Amazon Simple Storage Service



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