Azure Teams Bot Single Sign On


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a) Create Microsoft App Id teams-sso-bot-app1

Application Id 67b9exxxxxxxxx

b) Create AAD App Registration (teamssso for AAD connection setting)

Client ID: 780fxxxxxx

  • 1fec8e78-bce4–4aaf-ab1b-5451cc387264 (Teams mobile/desktop application)
  • 5e3ce6c0–2b1f-4285–8d4b-75ee78787346 (Teams web application)

c) Update bot manifest json file

id is the teamssso client ID, resource is teamssso URI. Based on MS doc, the resource is the Application ID URI and mus not include scope name.

"bots": [
"botId": "67b9exxxxxxxxx",
"scopes": [
"supportsFiles": false,
"isNotificationOnly": false
"webApplicationInfo": {
"id": "780fxxxxxx",
"resource": "api://botid-67b9exxxxxxxxx"

d) Bot Channel Registration

Create Bot Channel Registration, for Microsoft App ID, use app registration from step a.

e) Publish Bot App

Clone code from repo

f) Update Bot Channel Registration with Bot App /api/messages URL

g) Ensure that you’ve enabled the Teams Channel

h) Zip manifest and upload to teams

manifest.json is located in experimental\teams-sso\csharp_dotnetcore\TeamsAppManifest folder

"error": {
"code": "ServiceError",
"message": "Missing required query string parameter: code. Url = xxxxxxxxxxxx %27(teamssso)+is+not+configured+as+a+multi-tenant+application.+Usage+of+the+%2fcommon+endpoint+is+not+supported+for+such+applications+created+after+%2710%2f15%2f2018%27.+Use+a+tenant-specific+endpoint+or+configure+the+application+to+be+multi-tenant.%0d%0aTrace+ID%3a+ba53d......"



BotBuilder-Samples/ at main · microsoft/BotBuilder-Samples · GitHub



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